10 weeks to go


Today I received an email informing me that there were just 10 weeks to go until this year’s City to Surf – which I found TERRIFYING.

10 weeks. TEN weeks! That’s just over two months! That’s not even that far away!! Anyway, while my response to this news was a slight overreaction to say the least, it really did kick start me into gear to get my training program sorted.

For those playing at home – below is a training program I devised with a little help from one of my personal trainer friend for my first week of training. She assures me it’s ‘intermediate’ level, which scares me a little bit, but here’s hoping it works.


MONDAY – rest day
TUESDAY – 6x1min hill sprints with slow jog down as recovery
WEDNESDAY – rest day
THURSDAY – 3 x 6min tempo intervals, with 2 min rest periods
FRIDAY – Shorter run, 25 minutes
SATURDAY – rest day
SUNDAY – 14km over extended period, walk if required

I’ll keep you posted about how this program fares this week…here’s hoping it’s not too hard!



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