“Shoot the runner, shoot shoot the runner”. The words of Kasabian always run through my head when I’m about to go for a jog, which brings me to the name of this blog. Do yourself a favour (if you can call it that) and listen to it below. I can guarantee that once it’s in your head it will follow you every step of your journey.

So, now you know what the name means, you’re probably wondering why I’ve created a blog about it. Well, it’s a pretty simple reason. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve made the decision to take up running. It started off with a short jog a week, then it turned into 5km runs around the neighborhood, 7km runs around the bay snd most recently, the Nike She Runs 10km event at Sydney’s Centennial Parklands. Now, I’m determined to take it further and take on the City to Surf this year, and hopefully a half-marathon (21km, *yikes*).

Anyway, since I’ve decided to take up running, I’ve also made the decision to start living a clean and healthy lifestyle and love creating healthy treats and meals. I also LOVE finding new inspiration online, particularly through other fitness and running blogs I follow, which you can find on the sidebar of this page.

SO, with determination and blind courage on my side, I will track my journey as an aspiring distance runner and all-round healthy good guy on this blog and I some some of my hints, tips and discoveries will help other ‘hopeful athletes’ out there.


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