Green Smoothies

It (is) easy being green…

How should I put this…OK, I know. Once you get on the green smoothie bandwagon, you quite literally can’t stop. Not only are they JAM-PACKED with goodness, they also fill you up right up until lunch time and more importantly make you feel good and are healthy and delicious.

Another great thing about green smoothies is that you can be creative with your ingredients. Some of my key ingredients include (but are not limited to):

Green grapes
Coconut milk
Almond milk
Coconut water
Green tea
Chia seeds

The sky is the limit with your green smoothie, but I thought I’d give you a couple of examples of my favourite mixes:


The Supergreen

Mint leaves
Green tea ice-blocks
Fresh lemon
Coconut water

Supergreen powder (available from all good health food stores)

This combination is one of my favorites because it’s not too heavy, but still gives you the feeling of satisfaction. It has more of a juice consistency than that of a heavy smoothie, and the addition of ginger takes away that ‘sickly-sweet’ taste. This certainly is a good option post-run as it’s light and it’s easy and it really takes that ‘I’m SO hungry’ edge off.


Sunday Green Boost

Green Apple
Fresh ginger

Optional: Supergreen powder

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, then this recipe is for you. The combination of apple and watermelon is super refreshing, while you still get healthy feel from the spinach, cucumber and ginger. This mixture does not use coconut water or milk, but that can of course be added in if you prefer the taste. The Supergreen powder, which is available from health food stores and some supermarkets, is a great addition if you want to get a shot of HEALTHY – with most powders incorporating the benefits of 10 veggies per serve.













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