The Bay Run

The beautiful scenery of The Bay Run. Photo:

The beautiful scenery of The Bay Run. Photo:

Since moving to Sydney’s Inner West, the Bay Run has been my go to location for a decent distance run. At just over 7km, the Bay Run is simply perfect for long-distance training as it’s a 90 per cent flat track, with just one hill at the beginning (or the end) depending on where you start.

The Bay Run. Sourced:

The Bay Run Sourced:

What also makes the Bay Run one of my favourite tracks is just how beautiful it is, particularly on a bright and sunny day. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice jog around the pristine blue water, and the view of the city skyline on the Drummoyne side of the track is also stunning.

The track is also perfect for runners as it is split into pedestrian and bike lanes, which means you don’t have to listen out for those pesky bicycle bells while you’re getting into your groove.

Below and above are some of my favourite shots from the bay, as illustrated by Natural Euphoria.

The Bay Run's wide track. Photo:

The Bay Run’s wide track. Photo:




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